BBC Radio Somerset. What it is like to be a psychic?

Interview Magdalena Psychic by Charlie Taylor

Some of your reviews

Great Experience

- Insa A

"Magdalena has an incredible gift. It was my first session, and she was extremely accurate. She truly connected with me and I felt understood. Her advice and guidance are so valuable. She’s such a kind, gentle and compassionate person, I highly recommend her."

Great readings. . .

- Leslie L

"Magdalena has given me amazing readings. She was extremely accurate. She also gave me reassurance and guidance that I'm moving in the right direction with life. I love her readings and would highly recommend her. "

Amazing Reading

- Abi R

"Magdalena gave me an amazing reading many years ago. Reflecting back much of what she discussed was extremely accurate. She also gave reassurance and guidance, she has an incredible gift."

Positive phone reading

- Angie L

"It was lovely and helpful reading with lots of guidance and advice. I also received reassurance on my path. She picked up on a number of things. "

Compassionate Clairvoyance

- Melia M

"Magdalena has an incredible gift. It was my first session, and she was extremely accurate. She truly connected with me and I felt understood. Her advice and guidance are so valuable. She’s such a kind, gentle and compassionate person, I highly recommend her."

Thank you

- Angie L

"Dear Magdalena,
Thank you for your advice and the great honesty in your reading. You clearly have a great gift. You left me feeling much more positive with my situation."

Beyond expectations

- Intuative G

"Speaking honestly, I was sceptical as this was my first reading. But I have just finished my reading and I am so so pleased, I am truly grateful to Magda. It's amazing how that one phone call to Magda, has put me on a completely different positive path, it's like a weight (that I wasn't even aware of) has been lifted off my shoulders. I can't even explain the amount of gratitude I have. what a truly gifted person Magda is. I barely said anything and she had picked up on EVERYTHING. The reading was amazing! I HIGHLY recommend Magda to anyone looking for guidance and or clarity. Best money I have ever spent! I'm excited to see what the universe has in store for me next.....Thank you so much Magda!! Love and light to you xxx"

Warm, Professional, and Accurate

- Charlotte W

"This was my first meeting with a psychic. At first, I was told my grandfather, who passed, was contacting me to say hello; but the description did not match. I believe it was another spirit who I’m not related to. I am more sensitive than most and wouldn’t be surprised if spirits were drawn to me.

Throughout the reading many insights were given. A couple of things didn’t fit, but most information did, and it really felt Magdalena was connecting with me and she had accuracy about things she could not have known.

She gave me information that was truly helpful, that I think was guided by the spirits. Some things were reassuring, and others made me think about what I needed to do to improve my situation. Valuable insights that I would have not thought of myself.

I’ve made a list of all the things Magdalena told me, and I will review and cherish them. Some things were practical and so very useful to me."

Polite, Professional & Passionate

- RK

"I had a telephone sitting for the first time with Magda. She's very polite and professional. I found her to be passionate about her work. She was able to establish very quickly that I had - in many respects - a duality about my personality.

She gave me very helpful and spot on advice about my relationship with my ex. She also gave me very clear advice about my career. I found her insights and intuition to be genuine and incredibly helpful.

She also pointed out areas for me to work on in terms,of my health and confidence. So, it was a very full sitting and incredibly helpful. It left me feeling more confident and focussed. I would highly recommend. I found her style to be direct, passionate and understanding."

Natural & Spontaneous

- Tatiana

"Magdalena reads and talks in such a natural, spontaneous and, above all, intuitive way.
She can see the exact points, and made me look at my essence, and feel stronger to deal with changes and challenges. I’m extremely grateful 🙏"

Mind blowing experience

- Yellow Toothbrush

"I just had an absolutely incredible tarot reading from Magda for the very first time. She was able to see many details of my life without me not saying a word about it at all. In fact, this was at the very beginning that she gave me facts to which I wasn’t allowed to answer with anything else but yes or no.

As the reading progressed, it became clear to me that Magda has many many psychic gifts. Her guidance was immeasurable. I left her feeling renewed with clarity of mind on what are the next steps for me to follow in order to stay in the right path. I thoroughly recommend Magda, who I will definitely contact again in the future."

- K.F 

It was like a blessing to find Magdalena at a time when so many things felt uncertain in my life. My reading was transformational. With a combination of psychic insight and compassion, I felt guided by Magdalena to step into the next part of my life with more faith. I was reminded that things are as they should be for now, and that all things are changing, always. I felt a strong sense of the unseen energies that Magdalena is connecting with, along with her personal wisdom. 

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