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What is a psychic reading?

A psychic reading is a session with someone called a ‘psychic’ or a ‘clairvoyant’ this is to help you to gain clarity into various aspects of your life and to tell you a possible future.

Psychic readings have existed throughout time, from all over the world and in many different cultures. People use them to seek guidance, clarity, and validation in areas that create blockages in their lives, conscious or unconscious, problems repeating, love, relationships, family, career, finances, health and spirituality.

A session can take place in person, over the phone, through video calls, or even via email or text. The duration of a reading can vary, ranging from a few minutes to an hour or more.

During a psychic reading, the psychic communicates with their guides and your guides or loved ones. They can have insights into you and your life using their psychic connection and intuition.

The psychic reading can take place while the person is present or on the other side of the planet because a psychic can see the past and the future without being there, a psychic doesn’t have to be physically with you to be connected with you.

Psychics may use various tools as well as their abilities, E-g: tarot cards, pendulums, runes, coffee (known as Turkish coffee reading), crystals, palmistry (reading the lines in the hands), astrology, numerology, crystal ball, aura, psychometry (read in objects), photos… all these can be used to help with their connection and to interpret the information they receive.

The psychic provides you with personalised insights, predictions, and advice based on the energy they receive. They will always start by telling you what they feel is in your present time, your personality, what is your problem or why you are calling (or visiting) so that you are sure that the connection is made between you and the psychic.

There are different Psychic readings because there are different ’Psychics’, some specialise in areas like love or career, a medium specialises in being in communication with your past loved ones; a healer is a psychic that can see and treat physical or psychological problems. (None of this can be and will never be 100% accurate! Some healers are incredible but will never replace your doctor and your medication! Also, you should always remember that like any other profession in this world, everywhere there are humans, there are crooks!)

It is important to note that psychics and healers are not meant to dictate people’s lives or make decisions on their behalf. A good psychic should refuse to read for you too often so you don’t become dependent or addicted. Four times a year is a maximum depending on your evolution and your need to receive more guidance to help you to decide by yourself where to move next, they offer guidance and possibilities, they are here to empower you, to help you make informed choices and navigate your life more effectively. Psychic readings can provide valuable insights, validation of your own intuition, and a sense of clarity and direction.


When you are looking for a psychic reader, it's best to read reviews, listen to your instinct, and try to sense if this feels right for you. Once you have chosen your psychic, you will know in the first few minutes if you are connected, sometimes you may not connect, this isn’t your fault, nor the psychics', maybe the psychic isn’t the right person for you or maybe it isn’t the right time for you to have a psychic reading.


A real psychic will not ask you questions except to ask you if what they are saying is making sense to you, so the psychic will know that you are connected and that the information they are receiving is relevant.


You should never feel more fragile after a psychic reading, you should feel empowered by your own capacity to move forward in your life.

Be wary of a psychic that will only tell you what will happen in the future without telling you first about yourself or asking you too many questions. 

And always remember that the future will only happen if you are making it happen!

Why should I have a psychic reading?

If you are in doubt, looking for a direction or in need of comfort, affirmation or resolution, then I am here to help you.

I can offer guidance to inform future decision making. Sometimes my clients simply need reassurance that they are doing the right thing.

I will always take my lead from you and try my best to answer any questions that you may have.

Please note, nobody can accurately predict the future – and if anyone promises you that, you should run a mile!

Spirit guides don’t show us everything literally, but they will give us a strong sense of direction and the answers that we seek.

What happens during a psychic reading?

When you book in for a psychic reading session with me, I need only your name.

Before the call I take time to connect with my guides and there will be a lot of messages for you that come through straight away!

To get the most out of your session, I would ask that you don’t give me any information to start with, and just answer yes or no to make sure that we are connected.  There will be time to ask me any questions you have. It does not matter where you live, as I work remotely. I do not need to be physically with you to be connected with you.

Try and keep an open mind, as the psychic reading will go in any direction to start and it isn’t always immediately clear why. You may receive information about your health – or the reading may highlight a problem you weren’t aware of, that requires attention or resolution in order for you to move forward. Often, we are made aware of stuck patterns or past events or trauma that may be hindering your present and shaping how you react to situations.

After your psychic reading you should feel energetically and emotionally boosted, clear about life and direction – having received lots of advice and support. My sessions are deeply healing and will always end on a positive, life-affirming note.

Magda has a genuine gift. I’ve had readings with her a couple of times now, and she is someone I found who I immediately connected with, that gave me an honest to the point reading. This has helped a lot with just understanding what’s going on in my life and also just to ground myself. She is someone I would highly recommend.”

- Dham M

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