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Psychic reading...


My readings have no time limit. We have time and we can relax.
To get the most out of your session I would ask that you do not talk too much, only "yes" or "no" to make sure that we are connected. I normally start with a general reading and I will talk a lot! Just before your session I will "tune in" so that when you call I will already have things to tell you.
You will be able to ask me all your questions. I am here to support you. I am a Psychic. I see the past and the future without having been there. I do not need to be physically with you to be connected with you.
A telephone reading is as good as a face to face consultation and  I actually think they are maybe even better as I am not influenced by the way you dress, your body language or the car you came in.


Healing Reiki-Seichem...

I offer healing on a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual level. Adding my natural psychic ability to the healing gives a wider context. I am given your wider circumstances – which often provide the key to understanding your feelings and explains your decision-making process. It helps you to understand why your body is in pain, enabling you to put all the pieces of the jigsaw together in order to heal quickly and effectively. 

Like channeling with you in reading without being there, healings works also distantly.



Bach flowers remedies..
After a reading or a healing with you, I will prepare a personal mixture of Bach flowers remedies especially design for you. This gives an amazing emotional support, it helps to gain a sense of control over what's happening.
It comes in a little glass bottle, 4 sprays under the tongue 4 times a days.
I can only send this to the uk.


( VAT and shipping costs not included )

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Interviewed by Charlie Taylor BBC Radio Somerset on “What is it like to be a Psychic.”


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About me...

I am French, psychic and moved to the UK in 1998.
Since my earliest childhood memories I have always been a clairvoyant.
I have been aware of my psychic abilities since I was 8 years old.
I have "flashes" "images" and "words"coming to me.

I also use my French tarot cards when i do a reading.
I haven't always been comfortable with my "gift" questioning a lot the real purpose of it. Why? What for? Am I normal? 
But it is very clear to me now that my gift is to help others! I get so much pleasure from bringing clarity to other people's concerns.
I give comfort and I am here to help you  if you are in doubt, looking for a direction or wanting to know your future.

Very soon after I started channelling for people in my readings, I realised a talent for being able to establish the root of a problem and why it was occurring. Advice on how to resolve the problem and move forwards came very naturally to me. After a few years it became very clear to me that my clients invariably required healing - and that is something I am able to provide. If you have a mental blockage, it is usually accompanied by a physical blockage also. Mental and physical pain and injuries create energetic blockages, fears and repetitive mistakes. 


What is a Clairvoyant Psychic?
"Instinct, "Intuition", "Premonition", this is something we have all experienced in our lives and can't explain. A Clairvoyant or a Psychic is someone who has this sense extremely developed... 


What is Reiki-Seichem?

Seichem works with 4 different energies and Reiki is one of them. I find it very powerful. It works physically and distantly, exactly like when I am reading for someone who is at the other side of the planet.




This days I highly recommend meditation.

But it can be difficult and many of you find it actually even more stressful!

This is why I recommend "Guided meditation".

It is free and on abondance on YouTube.

Do it when you want, where you want, it can be at any time in the day. You do not have to be sitting down or crossing your legs, find a position which suits you. 

Meditation is to relax!


Colour therapy, chakra:

Very relaxing, cleans the chakras and great before sleeping or starting the day!


Treasure chest, opening the 3rd eye:

This  meditation is amazing! And awakening! It takes you in a cave full of treasure chests and you open them! You will find inside what your unconscious and the univers wants to tell you! A  useful clue, a message, an image, anything to make you conscious of what you have to look at or do! Have zero expectations, let go! And discover!

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Skype Reading:

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I offer clairvoyant and psychic readings  in the UK and also international.

Via telephone face to face and Shype.


Happy to read for you wherever you are and where've you are from...


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