How do you become a psychic?

As far as I know, no one I know in my family is a psychic, apart perhaps my aunt, who one day asked me if I had planned something for my daughter in case something happened to me. I said: “ I know nothing will happens to me” and she jumped out of her chair and said: ’Me too! There is things I know! But in my verbally no-expressive family, the conversation went no further.  My mother died at the age of 40, I later discovered that she ‘knew’ she would die suddenly.

So is that enough to say it is hereditary? No, I think we can all be psychic if we are willing to help others and do the work! Don’t we say: ‘I had a premonition?’ ‘I knew this will happen’, ‘my instinct tells me..’, In the same way, a parent will feel their child needing something even if they aren’t in the room, or an animal owner can be connected to their pet.

All these words are in the dictionary, but they are the only words that aren’t materialistically explainable or rational. I believe we all have a latent psychic ability in us, we all have a sixth sense, but someone who becomes a psychic or medium has learned to develop their instinct and tune into their intuition on a deeper level.

Many psychics have one thing or two in common: they have experienced Pain! Physical or psychological or both! I did! Lots of us experienced trauma of some sort. 

A few years ago, I decided to undertake therapy to untangle my complicated past, my therapist explained to me that when a child isn’t protected (physically and emotionally) by their carers, it makes the baby open. Open to the unseen, to the ‘spirit world’. I used to see ghosts of children while still in my cot! I remember being petrified! 

I like my therapist's explanation, it makes sense!

Another thing psychic readers, mediums, clairvoyants, clairaudient, and clairsentients all have in common is our early first memory, we would remember being a baby! My first memory was when I was about 3 months old, I remember being placed in the middle of my parent's bed, I was too young to move, yet I remember vividly understanding everything around me.  I was talking inside my head exactly like I do now as an adult! I was crying and didn’t know why, perhaps just needed to. I saw my mother putting her coat on and saying to myself: ‘She is leaving! She has enough of me crying!’.

I truly believe that all babies understand everything, but that understanding is lost over time and we forget that we knew it from the start.

Sometimes I believe that ‘we’ psychics, clairvoyant, medium, come to the world to experience a variety of life-traumatic events that will shape and deepen our understanding of human pain and compassion, in order that we can help others.

In conclusion - I don’t think we are born psychic, but born to become a psychic

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