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11 Nov 2016
Reading with Magda
I had a face to face reading with Magda a few days ago. She is a very nice and kind person and makes you feel very comfortable. She said so many things that there is no way she could know. She described my present situation spot on, amazing! I left there feeling much better and stronger. Very recommended.


09 Nov 2016
A Positive Experience
I had a reading with Magdalena a few days ago and would not hesitate recommending her to people who seek help or a friendly advice. She is a nice and balanced person, accurate in her work and with some great insights about the problem at hand.


06 Nov 2016
My reading with Magda
I was nervous beforehand as I have never had a telephone reading before so I wasn't sure how it would feel to not have that physical connection. I needn't have worried, immediately I felt Magda's warmth and positivity. 
My reading was so accurate and very helpful to me at this time, I would recommend Magda to everyone.


06 Nov 2016
I had a phone reading yesterday and was very pleased with it. Magda has been recommended to me by my friend who is also very happy about her readings. Magda made me feel relaxed and accepted. I could feel her positive energy. I asked a few questions and she answered all of them. She didn't tell me what I would have liked to hear but the truth. I find it very helpful as it is what I need at the moment. Magda is definitely gifted as she gave me the information that otherwise wouldn't know. she also gave me a guidance about my health issues and again it was very straightforward. After the reading with Magda, I feel less confused and frustrated and I have the knowledge that I can use to choose the right direction of my life in this period of time. Would definitely recommend her service.


19 Oct 2016
Great help
Thanks a lot Magda, she were very helpful. She didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, she told me what I need to know about my life. The facts to change my life and feel better with a knowledge that she gave me to stop my hesitation to act and to take control of my life.


05 Oct 2016
What a great reading with Magda. She is very understanding and always on your side, very sensitive and good person in general. Made me feel better and gave me hope. 
Took me a while to write this review as I wanted to see if the things she told me come true. I would like everyone to know, that everything she said to me came true! What an accurate reading! I am impressed, this lady truly has a gift!  Highly recommend!
04 Oct 2016
Magdalena will give you a clear insight and guidance. 
She is very positive and makes you feel more positive.
It was my second reading with her yesterday and some of the things she predicted have happened. I highly recommend her.


19 Sep 2016
Magda was wonderful. I was so nervous about my reading, anf not sure what to expect. but Magda was reassuring and her kind words and voice made me feel comfortable and at ease. Her guidance has given me a lot of positivity for the future and made me feel so excited for whats to come! Definitely recommend her and in any times of difficulty or if i ever had a question i would always go back to her. She was incredible.



08 Sep 2016
Magda is a gifted reader. I really enjoyed her reading. The main thing I liked about her is that she is straight to the point. She provided me really good guidance. I will strongly recommend her.


06 Sep 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed my reading and found Magda very perceptive, compassionate but with a touch of humour which was lovely. Definitely recommend.


13 Aug 2016
Great experience
Magdelana was great. Insightful, perceptive and a really nice lady. I have not really had readings or done this kind of thing before, but found her and the experience to be very helpfull. She was correct about so many things. Definitely recomended.


11 Aug 2016
I was in a bad place and Magdalena helped me see a different angle to my perspective. She gave me guidance and and put my mind at ease. She definitely said few things I didn't expect and the whole reading made me stronger.


10 Aug 2016
Magdalena is such a lovely lady who takes her time and doesn't rush.I felt that after my reading things are much more clear to me.i would recommend anyone needing guidance should most defiantly ring this lovely lady.I wil definitely return for another reading.


01 Aug 2016
Magda gave me an incredible email reading. She has really helped me. I can't recommend this wonderful lady enough. I will definitely go back to Magda for her inspiring and comforting readings.


06 Jul 2016
As clear as crystal
Magda's reading was accurate and reliable. She gave me very clear facts and useful guidance. If you need another person to look at what you are going through in life and to give you more subjective views, Magda is the right one.


First reading, Happily surprised .

After doing some research online and looking at my options for getting a reading done in my area, I decided to contact Magdalena. Never having done anything like this before, I only had my instinct to go by. My instinct was right. 

Magdalena was very professional and supportive through-out and the experience as a whole was very positive. She spoke of things that rang true to me, even though she mentioned early during the conversation how she found me hard to read. The reading as a whole, as well as specific details mentioned, were spot on. Some things mentioned about my past I couldn't even remember during the actual conversation, but understood later on during the day. This gave the experience an even more positive and professional feel for me personally. 

From my conversation with Magdalena today, I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a genuine reading. As for me, I'm happy I decided to do a reading and it probably won't be the last one.
"AlexandraO-2" 04/07/16


A very positive experience.
Having reached a crossroads in my life I wanted some clarity about where to go next. Speaking with Magdalena was incredibly helpful. She immediately put me at my ease and was very warm and friendly throughout the reading. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Magdalena.
"AliceB-14" 28/06/16


Just what I needed!
I just want to say from the outset what a lovely, friendly women Magdalena is! She really put me at ease and I felt as if I knew her so lovely!
The reading was just what I needed, I'm at a point in my life where I have a lot of stress and worry and just wanted to see if Magdalena could help! She definitely did, she hit the nail on top of the head on the big worries I have and eas spot on with the information is quite spooky how accurate she was! I feel so much better after having spoke to Magdalena, she really has a gift for what she does and as I said he information she told me was spot on. I didn't have to say much to confirm or deny anything, she knew pretty much everything anyway! 
I've taken some real sound advice for myself and what she said to me and it's really made me feel I can handle whatever is coming my way!
Thank you so much!
"AileenT-3" 23/06/16


I had no idea what to expect and it was a great surprise!

As I wrote in the title, I had no idea what to expect. I'm 28, male, more confident than the opposite, and I arrived to a point in my life where I started wondering about a lot of things. So I decided to call Magdalena. It was the first time in my life I was doing something like this.

The truth is, it has been a very good surprise. Magdalena puts you at ease from the start as she does the talking first. She kept telling me "don't tell me too much" at first, as she wants to focus. She basically speaks what she feels about you, your life. Everything was going in the right direction. Then she asks you if you have any specific question. That was also very close to the people/experiences I know, maybe even more accurate.

I came here to write a review as I really think Magdalena is gifted. She didn't try to give me very precise answers (neither have I asked for it), but everything she said made sense and was clearly related to me, my life and the people around me. Clearly it's a go.
"DanD-21" 20/06/16
Very accurate reading!! So detailed, straight away was obvious it's not some generic text. Magda was very sweet and made me feel at ease during an emotional moment. I feel reassured and much happier!
"CatalanaT" 20/06/16


Very accurate.
I had a good intuitive feeling about Magdalena, it proved me right but even more truthful than expected. I found her very geniune but also stright to the point which suits my personality 
perfectly. I highly recommend her services and in fact I did already to my friends.
Thank you Magda
"PollyS-7" 09/06/16


Great experience.
Magda was lovely and sweet. She gave me some great advice and managed to change my perspective on the months ahead. She has a very reassuring tone and a great sense of empathy. Highly recommended.
CarolyneB-1  11/05/16


Magdalena was great, such a lovely lady and was quick to see things going on in my life, would highly recommended-
"SimonT-56" 03/05/16


Great reading - thanks Magdalena
Really good reading from Magdalena. She makes you feel at ease. She gave great insight to the months coming and also knew details of recent events. Would highly recommend!
Keomi B- 17/04/16


Very reassuring.
I wasn't sure what to expect but Magdalena made the entire process a comfortable one. She was very accessible from the beginning and reassuring even over the phone. She's very easy to talk to which is great. I would definitely recommend contacting her if you need some clarity :)
ReyM- 10/04/16

Absolutely Amazing!
I had my first reading with Magdalena and she was absolutely amazing and spot on with the information she provided me with.
She is a very lovely lady and had a very warm and calming effect, I came away from the reading feeling very positive as she gave me excellent advice also.
I feel truly blessed and will definitely have my future readings done by her.
Big hugs and kisses.
Nathalie xxxx 31/03/16


Thank you!

Magdelena is an empathetic, excellent reader - on the basis of two names that I gave her, she proceeded to identify characteristics and circumstances around both of these men. More importantly, she was able to help me understand their perspective, including thoughts and feelings. She is very experienced and reads with a very caring, but matter-of-fact approach - she is in-depth and was able to provide spiritual guidance to help me to focus on my path! Thank you for a great reading! xx - 

"Tolstoy" 25/02/16



Excellent reader, lovely general reading and picked up many things, didn't give any details and she knew so much.

Thank you. 
"Dee" 24/02/16


Last year I was going through a particularly confusing time, and by chance met Magdalena who offered to read my cards. I had no preconceptions or expectations, but prior to our session had felt confused and that I could see nothing ahead but fog. I did not know where I was heading or which way to turn.

Basically, during and after having my cards read, Magdalena’s strong intuitive approach, tarot and clairvoyance skills seemed to help lift the fog, giving me a sense of reassurance and calm – providing a ‘map’ - that in the previous weeks had evaded me.

She pointed out ‘sign posts’ that I had either been blind to, or chosen to ignore. She helped clarify various milestones and the excess baggage I was carrying, and what I needed to let go of and what I needed to keep/have faith in. She also pinpointed two very significant people in my life and even named one of them (without ever having heard of them before) and described our relationship/feelings for each other.

I was literally blown away and can, without hesitation, recommend Magdalena who is obviously gifted in a very special way. It proved to be a very positive experience and turning point for me. And helped give me the courage to listen to my intuition - be aware of and read my own inner compass - to trust myself and life’s process in making healthy, wise choices in the present for the future.

"Mandy". 05/01/15


I had a reading with Magdalena in december 2014, the result came quite fast, we are now in february and already the events of her prediction are happening.

This is not the first time I am having a reading with her and I have never been disappointed.

I encourage people to ask her questions, as she always has precise answers and they always happen.


"Emma" 15/02/15


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